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Blanket Flower

As I was strolling thru the greenhouses tonight, the blanket flowers were just coming into bloom. The blooms will last all summer long, starting in the spring and going into the fall. The blanket flower, also known as Gaillardia, is a hardy perennial up to zone 3 which is at the northern border of Minnesota.

Blanket flower does best in full sun. It can handle some shady locations but the number of blooms decline the more shade the plant receives. It also needs quite a bit of moisture until well established in the ground. The plant will wilt when it gets too dry. Gaillardia tends to be a smaller perennial only getting about 12 - 15 inches tall and wide. You should deadhead the blossoms to encourage the plant to re-bloom and it would also benefit from being divided every 2-3 years.

One variety that I particularly like is the Arizona Sun (pictured below). It is two-toned with yellow and red on the petals. Each blossom is slightly different. One might have more red than yellow or visa versa.

Another variety that I enjoy is Arizona Red Shades. It has the same characteristics as Arizona Sun but is solid red in color. It has a slightly darker hue of red and is very pretty.

Blanket flowers are a favorite among butterflies and other pollinators and hopefully, it will become a favorite of yours as well.

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