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Bahama Mama

This passion flower vine is a gorgeous flower that will pop in any container or flower bed. It climbs using little tendrils that wrap around supports and will average 6 to 8 feet tall in a summer. The Bahama blue passion flower vine is a white flower with blue center spikes that are very tropical and unique looking. This flower is sure to get people talking.

The plant starts flowering in mid summer until early fall. It will not have a ton of flowers on the plant at one time but should always have one blossom. After the blossom is over, you can let the flower go to seed. The passion flower vine will produce an oblong, orange fruit on the vine, which is completely edible, but probably not the best tasting. The passion fruit is sometimes used in teas to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

The passion flower vine prefers full sun with a regular amount of water that is allowed to dry out in between waterings slightly. The passion flower vine will attracts bees, butterflies and is a host plant for caterpillars.

These plants can move indoors when the temperatures start to get cool. Indoors, it will prefer medium to bright direct light with constant, regular waterings. The passion flower vine will still need support to climb on inside your home.

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