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The resilient king of houseplants

Hey everyone, this week's topic is on Pothos. Pothos are tough and very easy to grow. They can take just about any type of light you have except bright direct light. They like a bright window but not the hot sun beating down on the leaves. They can also take low light conditions like offices, bedrooms, or bathrooms which make them a favorite. As far as watering goes, they don't need a lot. If they get too dry, their leaves will start to wilt. If they get too wet, some of their leaves will turn yellow. All you need to do is adjust your watering cycle or amount and they will be fine. Pothos is also very easy to take cuttings of and is one of the few houseplants that can survive solely in water. There are different varieties of Pothos with bright colors or variegation on the leaves but the care is the same.

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