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Not your Grandma's Geraniums

When I first started working in a greenhouse, I hated geraniums. They were everywhere and there was so little to choose from that they all looked the same. These days things have changed...quite a bit.

The Fantasia Cardinal Red geranium sounds like a name right out of a fairytale. With its bright red flower, it certainly could be. This geranium has a medium growth habit of 12 inches tall and wide. It will flower profusely all summer long with good uniform flower size in a nice bright red color that is offset by brilliant dark foliage. As with all geraniums, the Fantasia Cardinal Red prefers to be in full sun and to be kept more dry. They will need to be dead headed regularly as the spent flowers are unsightly and messy. The Fantasia Cardinal Red geranium will also do very well in mixed and single containers. Geraniums are now on my top ten list of plants that go in my yard.

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