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Angel Wings

These Angel Wings are not the angel wings that you may be thinking of. These Angel Wings have large, silver leaves and are related to the succulents. But don't be fooled, it needs more water than your typical household succulents.

The Angel Wings Senecio cannot survive the winter outdoors here but can overwinter in your house. It gets to be about 16 inches tall and wide. The Angel Wings prefer to be in full sun and to be watered regularly, but can handle some periods of drought, too. Pot this plant directly in the ground or into your flower bed. It is also versatile enough to be solo in containers or be a companion in mixed containers.

Silver, velvet soft leaves
Angel Wings Senecio

Angel Wings comes from a long line of well known plants - German Ivy, Dusty Miller, and String of Pearls.

But what makes Angel Wings so truly special is the vibrant silver foliage. It's large leaves are so soft and velvety....a little piece of heaven.

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