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24 hours of bliss

Twenty-four hours is not a long time when you are talking about how long a flower stays open. The flowering hibiscus- Luna white and Luna red are those flowers.

They are not hardy here and take a fair amount of water. The hibiscus should not require staking unless the winds are abnormally strong. Since the flowers are open only a short period of time, they produce lots of buds so the flowers will be enjoyed for many days, just not the same flower. They typically grow about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The flowers are extremely showy, deer resistant and attract butterflies.

There are other types of hibiscus as well. There is a hardy hibiscus which is hardy to Minnesota and has the large showy flowers.There is also the tropical hibiscus which is considered a houseplant that can be outside for the summer. This one has small, traditional shaped

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